About Me

Hi my name is Nikki Simone WilkinSun,fptbty

I am a Creative Arts and Wilderness Psychotherapist,

Dancer and Celebrant.



Ceremony has formed a major part of my life since I was 13 years of age when my mother welcomed me through ceremony into womanhood and into the circle as a woman.

Both of my parents have been key pilars to my foundation, they have passed on to me their teachings and wisdom as healers dedicated to walking a heart centered path. They taught me to listen and observe the natural rhythms of nature, the seasons and the elements, as I learnt to appreciate and treat all living beings with respect, love and kindness, as an extension of myself.sky goddess


For over 20 years I have traced an artistic path that incorporates dance, the arts and ceremony to achieve a deeper connection both to oneself and to the world in which we reside.

I trained professionally both in the U.K. and in Spain and ay m a qualified Creative Arts and Wilderness Psychotherapist.

To compliment my training I have studied and completed diploma courses in:

  • Shamanism2018 new copy logo ENG
  • Indian, Oriental and World Dances
  • Tantra,
  • Arun (conscious touch)
  • Yoga
  • Alexander Technique
  • Acupressure
  • Mindfulness
  • 5 Spirits
  • 4 Directions


I work with many collectives, ranging from intervention with people at risk of social exclusion to educational programs aimed towards the prevention of violence and community development.

I run workshops and courses and in my private practice offer one to one therapy and healing, especially for people suffering from depression, anxiety, grief and trauma. It is my belief and personal experience that it is within our darkest moments that the greatest light can also enter and empower us on our journey.

“The wound is the place where light enters you.”


As a  celebrant I have held space for many years that eneables people to mark and honour all life transitions and rites of passage from birth to death.

I am also a member of the association, Equisense, dedicated to intervention through  animal assisted and artistic therapies. In 2016 we carried out the pilot program “12 steps to share”, combining animal assisted and creative arts therapies, with young male offenders for 3 months in the prison, El Acebuche in Almería. This experience was a great success, both for us as for the participants and the prison management team.


Below is the video link that captures the essence of this project.

12 steps to share



In 2016 I founded Yogic Dance, a unique practice of mindful movement, which weaves together the wisdom, knowledge and tools she has gathered and integrates into her evolving practice.

group dt

My work is my passion, I am fully dedicated to sharing and offering a space that journeys to our heart centre and helps love to breathe and blossom in its entirety through the creative arts, dance and ceremony.

beach mind move

My Vision

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