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Hi my name is Nikki Simone WilkinSun, I am a dancer, choreographer, ceremonialist and creative arts therapist.1491685_602914993089824_2018747450_n


Ceremony has formed a major part of my life since I was 13 years of age when my mother welcomed me through ceremony into womanhood and into the circle as a woman.

Both of my parents have been key pilars to my foundation, as they have passed on to me their teachings and wisdom as healers and souls dedicated to walking a heart centered path. They taught me to listen and observe the natural rhythms of nature, the seasons and the elements, as I learnt to appreciate and treat all living beings with respect, love and kindness, as an extension of myself.

I am eternally grateful to them both for these and many more initiations and teachings that I have received, as they have given me the grounding and core strength to be able to grow and come through many a darkened hour on my ever evolving journey.sky goddess


For over 20 years I have traced an artistic path that incorporates dance, the arts and ceremony to achieve a deeper connection both to oneself and to the world in which we reside.

I have had the privilege of working with people of different ages, cultures, religions and economic situations over the years and my gratitude to them is immense as they are the key people who have helped me to get where I am today.

I have attended many workshops and intensive courses to compliment my training, including Shamanism, Indian Dances (Bollywood and Baharatanatyam and Odissi), Eastern European and Spanish Gypsy Dances, Tribal Fusion and Regional Folk Dances, Raks Sharki, Sufism, Tantra, Rio Abierto, 5 Rhythms, Yoga, Alexander Technique, Acupressure, Arun, Mindfulness, Council and 4 Shields.


In 2009 I finished training in England in wilderness therapy dedicated to our reconnection with nature and the principles of council an ancient practice which teaches us deep listening and communication skills for our society today. To extend my training in the field of therapy I Completed an M.A. in Creative Arts Therapy at the Higher Institute of Psychological Studies (Madrid) in 2014.

In 2015 I joined the non-profit association, Equisense, dedicated to animal assisted and artistic therapies. At Equisense we work with many collectives ranging from intervention with people at risk of social exclusion to educational programs aimed towards the prevention of violence and community development.footsteps

In 2016 we carried out the pilot program “12 steps to share”, combining animal assisted and creative arts therapies, with young male offenders for 3 months in the prison, El Acebuche in Almería. This experience was a great success, both for us as for the participants and the prison management team.gopr1755_225846711

Below is the video link that captures the essence of this project.

12 steps to share


group dt

For me dance is much more than a technique learned of movements, isolations and choreographies, it is the absolute unification of mind, body and soul that intertwine together along the river of our life journey.

My passion is the ever evolving dance that weaves through life creating a brightly colored tapestry, that continually evolves and transforms. I am fully dedicated to sharing and offering this in a space that promotes, strengthens and enhances our core connection and creativity through the creative arts, dance and ceremony.

Yogic Dance is a unique practice that I had beed weaving together for many years and in 2017 it finally came to light. This practice combines and links together the universal and diverse teachings and trainings that I have received over the years, from Shamanism to  Indian Temple Dance and from Therapy to Mindfulness there is a common thread that forms part of the same tapestry that is woven in life. It is this universal connection that breaks through the limits of cultural tradition and barriers and enables us to enter a new era of consciousness, understanding and universal integration.

“An integral Practice that connects body, mind and soul to: express, communicate, build, feel, connect, share, transform and create a new era of collective consciousness.”


My Vision

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