Soul Therapy

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A space of  meditation, that massages the soul. 


As we enter into the mystery an exquisite dance of energies commences bringing with it natural healing to the body and heart centre.

Each sesion is a unique space within which various elements are integrated: essences, aurasoma, healing sound therapy, Sacro craneal technique, ocean breath, Light feather through the chakras, healing stones and the Arun practice of conscious touch.

In this practice I accompany you on a journey that invites you to open up to your heart centre, be bathed in the peace and light of your true soul and nurtured by the source that sustains us all.

Each sesion is an hour long and come in loose comfortable clothing (you do not  need to undress for these sessions), For more information or to book an appointment please find my contact information at the top of the page. 




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